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The highly trained and experienced CNC machinists at Threaded Products, Inc. of Davenport, IA specialize in making parts to your exact specification and always make them to order. Trust our local, family-owned and operated business to go that extra mile to offer you quality service at affordable rates.

  • SBA Registered Small Business

  • NAICS Codes 332721 332710 / 332722 423710

  • SIC Codes: 3451 3499 3489 / 5072 3429 3452

  • DUNS# 080305436

  • CAGE# 8S915

  • CCR Registered Sub Net Registered ISO 9001/2008

  • ORCA Registered

We've been providing Davenport, IA with top-quality products for CNC turning and milling for more than

30 years.

Experience quick and precise machining operations

  • CNC horizontal milling

  • CNC vertical milling

  • CNC turning cut

  • Drilling and tapping

  • Saw cutting

  • Roll threading and threading

  • Vibratory finishing

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